non-plastic storage containers

Lab Results

we test our products

We test all of our products. Below are the results of just a few.

  • 8cm Airtight Container

  • Ice Cube Tray

  • Straw 1 – 24 x 6

  • Ice Pop Mold

Tested By

Chemists Assayers Spectrographers
1717 Solano Way #39
Concord CA. 94520
Tel: 925-603-1080
Fax: 925-603-1082

Testing Results

Analysis of all samples show that they are from 300 Series Stainless Steel*

No Lead or Cadmium was detected in any sample**

Testing Result Details

* All samples were tested using an Oxford Instruments ED2000 X-Ray Florescence Spectrometer.

** Lead & Cadmium detection levels are less than 0.000001% or the equivalent of less than 0.1 Parts per Million



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